Wednesday, 21 September 2016

and the blog goes international !
 Shipwright Dave has been drilling the hole for the rudder tube to fit into.

1..First Dave drilled a thin pilot hole through the trunking to get  the approximate angle of the large hole 

2. Then he fitted a set of bearings on the deck side.

3.Then he placed a second set( in line below ) the hull.
4. He then put a rod down the hole with a cutting tool at the top .
5. He then drilled down thus widening the hole as needed to create the correct size.

The rudder tube can now be inserted and clamped tight by tightening the bolts around the tube (Hope you can follow this.)
Wednesday Phil heard that the blog was being read in many countries (8,500 hits) including Australia.
This, he concluded, must be down to Apprentice Dave's family in Oz, so he had an international idea.
The Daves set me up for this one.
Shipwright Dave was giggling above me as he lowered the light.
 ( I'll get him back )
 We decided as a tribute to Oz , Apprentice Dave would teach Shipwright Dave how to play the didgerydoo on the rudder tube.

.But he didn't show him how to blow it.
No comment !

Wednesday Phil continued painting the underneath sections of deck floor .
by giving them a roller coat of gloss and when that went tacky -a second coat.This creates a really shiny finish.I didn,t know that.
Apprentice Dave glossed the forward section into the heads (toilet).
 Can you spot the problem?
Dave couldn't until he tried to get out -  much to the glee of the  "unconfined".
And finally Ron, a Helen II friend  ,came to help us find a grub screw lost in the debris during drilling the rudder tube hole.The rod contained a magnet.
We were all pleased to see him deploy this device as we thought Shipwright Dave was going to receive  an unexpected invasive operation .Thanks for your help Ron.

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