Wednesday, 13 February 2019

In order to plank the inside seating area of Helen II,  Wednesday Phil has had to find new sources of hard wood  as we do not have money for any new stock.
So, after a donation of old benching , Phil spent six mornings separating the slats and preparing them for planing.

Many sections refused to budge and the screws were unmovable.These will be cut in short sections and used as needed.

Once planed off the wood is reusable and still of good quality.

Unfortunately the planer has seen better times and finally proved so difficult to push the wood through that Wednesday Phil gave up until extra help is available or the machine is given a makeover !

Thankfully Peter  volunteered to give the planer an M.O.T.
He spent a full morning servicing the workings but alas the beast refused to improve !

Wednesday Phil therefore began the planking of the seated area using the recycled slats created  previously.
This was an enjoyable task  but frustratingly stopped 'till the planer is fixed .

Looking forward to continuing this task !

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Just two trustees have been beavering away over the festive month to continue progress.
Work day was moved to Thursdays, but as Phil and Ron  prefer Wednesdays this is now the case.

 Wednesday Phil began constructing the cockpit (can't remember the correct term ) that the crew will sit in while on deck.
This is made from 3/4 inch marine ply.
The sections will be prefabricated and painted, to  fit permanently after the engine fixing is completed.(keeps him busy! ).

Vertical supports were added to the ship's frames to further strengthen the cockpit.

 Once supposedly complete, the sections were temporarily fitted ( first fitted) to check all were correct .
To Phil's  amazement  the box fitted like a glove and thus the floor was added.

 As with all good designs ,amendments were introduced....( by Ron, who knows a thing or two !)  to provide a water tight  inspection hatch to the rear of the engine.

 This will not be opened on a regular basis so it will be sealed shut with mastic and screws.(well that's what he told me !)

  After the successful  fitting of this hatch,the cockpit was completely  removed to finish being painted and await full fitting once the engine is in place,

To see this section in place gave a feeling that the boat is really nearing completion ! 

MEANWHILE trustee Ron has spent over a dozen hours hand boring  ,drilling and swearing at......, the tube  that will  eventually take the propeller shaft.
Today he finally succeeded in  creating a wide enough bore hole to now take  a proper boring bar to finish this arduous task..

I swear Ron danced his way out of the compound with a very broad smile !