Saturday, 27 July 2019


Work on the portholes stopped as the epoxy glue set too quickly in the heat on Wednesday .29 C
So work on fixing the rudder permanently began. 
We decided to tighten the wooden rudder against the metal shaft.To do this we needed to clamp the two tighter together but with only two pair of hands it was difficult.

Luckily Sam Markland from North West Model Shipwrights was showing a keen interest in Helen II and was more than willing to lend a hand.
So we tightened the wood to the metal and drilled the bolt holes.
Cheers Sam !

Unfortunately trustee Ron noticed the stainless steel bolts were round headed so, as Phil bought them,  it fell to Phil to grind the heads on Thursday, so they could be held by a spanner if ever the need arises.

Trustee Ron explained the need for extra support
to stop the sky light glass from being pushed outwards in the event of a capsize.

Phil then set about making wooden batons to negate such an action.
These will be glued and screwed when it cools down.

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