Monday, 22 July 2019


The welding of the rudder finally took place thanks to Wally who volunteered his time and supplied the materials free of charge.

Wally clearly enjoyed the task as he never stopped grinning !

He is also proving invaluable  in teaching Wednesday Phil exciting facts about screws and bolt threads and how to order the correct ones in the future.
It's amazing what you can learn  on this project !

Wally has also offered to help with future welding projects.

Just to show that Wednesday Phil is still learning as he goes.......

Ron " the one who knows"came to see progress on the port holes and said
 " Phil you have made a good job of the first fitting BUT
You've fitted them inside out!!!  They should open from the inside.

Phil went to the naughty corner for the rest of the morning and thanked his lucky stars he had not fitted them permanently.

After therapy,Phil continued work extending the top hatch as it did not fully cover the washboards.

 To make sure water does not penetrate through the sky light Phil has added a border round the edge of the opening lights.

The reinforced glass is now ready for fitting soon.

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