Sunday 19 July 2015

The Pirates' Weekend saw nearly all the trustees and volunteers taking a turn in showing off Helen II.
The quay was excellent with a lot of people entering into the spirit of the week end.In the last three years the weekend has grown immensely. Many came into the compound to see the work done.

Murray Taylor held the public spellbound with his demonstration and knowledge of knots.



 After demonstrations of various knots he passed visitors to volunteer Pat , Duncan or Wednesday Phil for a tour of the boat.

Pat and Wednesday Phil took turns to go on  board to explain the building and the internal structures of the boat to all who came .

THEN IT HAPPENED......................
Duncan went up a boy and came down a man ! 
Volunteer Duncan was not initially too keen to take a turn up top explaining to the public what we have all been doing, but with encouragement (bullying ) from Pat and I, he sheepishly climbed the ladder, a little unsure of his confidence level and that was that...
 We both offered to take over while he had a break but the response was always " no I'm fine "
At the end of the day we dragged him off with a rope to go home .His confidence was sky high and his grin unshakable.  "I really loved talking about what we do .When are we doing it again ?" was his final comment. This boat has a powerful effect on us all.

Many thanks to all who visited and also gave donations..
The work has now stopped to allow Dave a two week holiday.
Work resumes Monday 27th July.