Friday 28 August 2015

THE HALF BEAMS CONTINUE (they hold up the deck )    12th of August 2015

FIRST AN anyone who went to the Quay Day expecting to view Helen II from above.Unfortunately not enough volunteers were available to make this possible.We hope to do something during the Conwy Feast later this year.
So anyway, both Daves are now making the half beams along the deck sides.

So I said to shipwright Dave" if the first set of beams in grey are called half beams ,the shorter ones (only half the size) must be quarter beams.Dave looked at Dave and Dave returned the look and both replied  "no they are half beams"
. I explained my logic for some time so shipwright Dave gave a job to keep me quiet ( I think ! )
I got the exciting task of repositioning  bolts which had blocked the plank nails being fully driven in to the frames (ribs ).
Now all the outstanding nails or screws in the planks are flush with the hull.
I then attempted to further discuss quarter beams
 and was richly rewarded by being charged with cleaning out the shavings building up in the hull ,but I was ready for that one !

Who's a clever boy then ?
Shipwright Dave smiled..........
Apprentice Dave smiled........... Now I'm worried !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 17 August 2015

THE DECK TAKES SHAPE             12 th August 2015
Another  busy day from the office window.What a view !

Discussions began with Tony Mead and shipwright Dave with a view to sorting out the internal bulkheads (walls ) and fittings.

The half beams support the deck up to the sides of the cockpit which crew stand in.

Apprentice Dave works on fitting half beams to the opposite side of the cockpit.(this is probably not the right word )
The half beams are painted and in place.They are made from 3"x 3" oak beams.
She is built to last !
Then we all did a bit of team bonding, racing Tony's boat in the first race of the river festival.
Wednesday Phil was sent to the pointy bit to photograph the hard working scene while holding up the jenny boom.
We came second after a lot of shouting from Capt. Tony and beer !

Meanwhile volunteer Duncan practices the skills he has learnt on Helen II to fit gunwales (upper edge of boat's side ) to an 18 foot hull in need of repair.

This will be a chance to see the work in progress.Come and view........for free !

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Dave spent the day working out the area and shape of the cabin.
The long beam on the starboard (right ) side is called a carling and will support the cabin side.This has been fitted today.

Then shipwright Dave begins to plan the height  and camber      (slope) of the cabin roof.
Then he walked away ( a long long way away ) to observe the lines he had created.
Wednesday Phil ran behind with the binoculars !
I think apprentice Dave took his sandwiches  with him.

With the expertise of Shipwright Dave ,we have a boat to be proud of !
The hull is complete and ready for the water. The journey has had its ups and downs (waves ) but a lot of people have enjoyed the ride and have helped to keep shipwright skills alive and active in Conwy.  (We've all learned a lot - especially the "young uns ".)
THANKS to all our funders, contributors, volunteers and students for remaining committed to the original project values throughout the trials and tribulations. 
A special thanks to the HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND  who have supported the project from the beginning and have showed remarkable patience in letting the project flourish at a sustainable rate (i.e. a lot slower than we first thought!  )
So now it's all eyes forward to phase two ....... planning the final build and fit-out ready for a new life on the water  serving the community of Conwy and ,hopefully ,flying the flag further afield if our navigation is up to scratch.

While discussions continued , Wednesday Phil just carried on sanding as usual creating a streamline hull.

Several people stopped today and wanted to know why one of the planks is fatter than the others. Phil explained that often these boats would  lie on their side on a shore and when the boat did this the weight of the hull would rest on this plank and the keel...... so a thicker plank gave more support.

I've learnt a lot over time !

And congratulations to apprentice Dave who returned this week after the birth of a daughter. He's come back for a rest..........
Well that's what he told me !

Sunday 2 August 2015

Shipwright Dave finishes the counter around  the stern. 29th July 2015
The end joints on the outer planks were particularly difficult to twist into place without lots of G clamps.

Although Dave is still not happy with the fit ,he can  tweek things at his leisure now to achieve a finish to his satisfaction.
While Dave worked on the stern ,  Wednesday Phil continued epoxying over the nail and screw heads so that the hull will be as streamlined as possible.( I've given up counting how many fill ins  Pat and I have done.)
With the circular sander now repaired,we fine these down to make the hull as smooth  as a baby's rear end !