Thursday 15 June 2023


In April of this year, HelenII was moved from Conwy quay to make room for the longer stay of Island Reach, the YWAM boat.

She was taken down the river to Conwy  marina under her own engine and she steered beautifully ! At one point we had to turn a sharp 90 degree turn and in a strong easterly wind she handled it impeccably. 

For safety sake the harbour launch came as escort and marina staff helped berthing in the strong wind.

She now sits proudly on a pontoon and many sailors come to chat when Wednesday Phil is working or checking her out .

Since mooring her, work has continued  slowly. 

Ron purchased a second hand manual capstan  which Wally eagerly took home and completely cleaned and rebuilt using Wally's favourite addition - lots of white grease .

Wednesday Phil built and secured a seat for the capstan ( anchor yanker ) bolted through Helen's main beams and then fitted it with Wally.

Francis from YWAM came over and fitted the radio that had been donated previously but the connections were awkward and we later made permanent soldered joins. 

The GPS position was agreed and Phil made a bracket to give better line of vision from the chart table. 

This has yet to be tried as the 4 pin power connector is missing.

Then it all went quiet as Ron went on an extended holiday to France/Portugal.

Wednesday Phil then bought a turning lathe and continues to make spikes to hold the ropes and tension them.




 For a month or so no one has come to visit Helen II except Wednesday Phil who continues to check her regularly.

She was beginning to look tired so Phil embarked on a bit of TLC and for a week or so sanded her woodwork and revarnished her to her old self.

She is now once again causing interest and is just waiting to be sailed .