Wednesday 7 December 2016


The team of students who visited last week were really keen and had a good commitment 

Today's group showed similar values but
they took to the task of puttying instantly and thus Wednesday Phil was aghast at the speed of their expertise ! No naughty corner for these lads.
Joshua,Cory,Alex and tutor Fraser worked with little supervision and were heard advising each other on technique.
If you click on the picture you can see how Cory works the putty leaving a raised profile.

Apprentice Dave created a template in ply for the flooring in the bow section of the boat. This is then transferred to a plank of larch to be fitted tomorrow.
Shipwright Dave created a steam box in ply, to be powered by a wallpaper steamer.
The rule of thumb is to steam wood for an hour per inch thickness of planking.
He decided to see how it would work on a test plank for the stern approximately half an inch thick.Thus once up to steam, the plank was inserted in the steamer for half an hour.

Then, with clamps and many hands,the plank was fitted while still hot.
We were all pleased to see how successful this plank fitting proved. I was surprised how supple wood becomes after such a short time.
I tend to over cook mine by hours !
This is the first steaming we have had to do on the boat.

Monday 5 December 2016

Kyle,Ethan,Gary,Sally ,Rory and tutor Frazer arrived today for three days of hard work.

 After rigging the safety net, tutor Fraser dived in to test it's effectiveness. and re enact a scene from Romeo and Juliet with stand in Dave trying to look coy.

After solving the problem of creating a raised mound of putty between the planks, Wednesday Phil showed the students the technique and they began learning by experience.

Kyle  worked independently

while Ethan and Gary teamed up, after having made Wednesday Phil comfortable in his arm chair.The concentration was a joy to behold !

Rory began making deck hoops to fit around the mast  to make the mast  water tight at deck level while Sally continued caulking .

Shipwright Dave began fixing the toe rail along the starboard (right ) edge of the deck. This is designed to stop people slipping off the deck during drunken sea shanties.
(Well that's what I think.)