Wednesday 8 February 2023

Update January 20023, We Are Nearly There !

Having filled the bilges with chain, further weight was added with cement .Jeremy's van brought the raw materials and Garonwy ,Dave, and our students mixed and handballed it to he bilges.

Ron and Jack poured and levelled it .This then serves to hold the chain in place and create extra stability.

Wednesday Phil lowered the gas holder as it was catching on the ropes. As he was almost upside down he asked the students to tell him when it was level for fixing.
Unfortunately the boat was tilted as the tide was out and it was levelled to the horizon not the deck.
Oh what fun !

While waiting for the boom fitting it was decided to hoist the gaff.
With help from "Youth With A Mission" helpers it was hauled aloft but jammed on the block at the top of the mast .
The block twisted and jammed the rope against the mast.

So Francis from YWAM volunteered to go up the mast to fix an extra shackle to the block to stop it twisting.

Great relief was had when Francis descended still beaming with enjoyment !
BUT it did not fix the problem and plan B was necessary.

Meanwhile Walley , having finally received the milled  metal bits, began welding the gooseneck to hold the boom to the mast.

This has now been fitted and looks a real work of art to Wednesday Phil.

Now the boom could finally be fitted.

With obvious curiosity from visitors, the boom was ceremoniously brought along the quay from the shed by Walley ,Jeremy and press ganged YWAM muscle men for final fitting.


There is great satisfaction that this has finally been achieved !