Friday 25 September 2015


The crew space is now  sorted and mapped out.
All the half beams (deck supports) are now in place and most of the floors are fitted.
The seat and first bunks are now detailed and in position.
Meanwhile Wednesday Phil painted the entire planking with wood preserver. This will be allowed to dry thoroughly ready for undercoating next time.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

WHICH PLANK DID TERRY PUT ON ?        16 th September 2015

This was the question on most peoples lips today after the T.V. prog. last night on BBC 2.
Not one person asked for Dave's autograph after the show .
Wednesday Phil did one autograph  after the visitor  agreed to accept an I.O.U. 
We even had some holiday visitors come from Anglesey to see Conwy after watching the programme. 
 "It looked like a lovely town on telly!"

The work on the floors continues, but much discussion took place about bulk heads  (walls) and  the  internal arrangements.
Wednesday Phil was let loose on the planer table ,after suitable instruction , to prepare floor boards to the correct thickness for the sole (floor ).
A great deal of time was spent answering questions from visitors from around the world about the construction of Helen II.
And some people didn,t know who Sir Terry Wogan was !
Well that's what they said.


Wednesday 9 September 2015

 Next week on 15th August at 6-30 pm  on BBC 2 ,the boat should feature on "Terry and Mason's Great Food Trip " after their visit in July 2015.

Obviously we are now gearing up for fan mail and hopefully pre -pension groupies !

In the meantime work continues within the hull since all the planking is now complete.

Shipwright Dave is a lonely sight without poorly sidekick Apprentice Dave but he is ably supported  (well he is supported ) by Wednesday Phil ,Duncan and Pat the regular volunteers.
Dave started laying the floor planks (sole ) while waiting for  more   4" x 3" larch beams from Adrian at his saw mill .

 As usual, the wood arrived swiftly and Wednesday Phil planed it down today ready for use. Luckily we have a machine to help this senior assistant !

These floor planks are quite awkward due to the hull shape and the differing  angles of each frame (rib ).
So while Dave beavered away on the plank opposite, we left him to concentrate.

Duncan , having signed on for his year 2 shipbuilding course at Llandrillo College today ,continued skill practice, under Dave's supervision, on an old rebuild in our yard. I must admit he's making a great job of it and he's " well pleased " with the result as he keeps telling everyone who will listen !
Hopefully we'll all be T.V. stars before next week's blog !
Dave said I'm a complete thespian . 
Well I think that's what he said !

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Dave starts work on the sole ( cabin floor ) .. 2nd September 2015

Today the schoolchildren started back at most establishments..and what a difference to the quay !
At 10 am it was still almost empty but it built up later .

Shipwright Dave came back from holiday cruising round the Isle of Man and apprentice Dave has done something nasty to his arm so we  hope for a speedy recovery.
Work on the half beams is on hold as we are short of suitable wood .Adrian at the saw mill is working on this as I write.

So Dave started work on the
" sole "(internal floor ) 

He started by taking a level for the floor using tight string
and then put in a support on every frame ( rib ). 

Having continued epoxy filling screw holes on the hull  ,Wednesday Phil then began bolting the half beams  into place on the beam shelf.(beam to hold the deck beams up )
This structure is certainly built for strength.                                                                         
Last week Duncan from Llandrillo College continued improving his skills ,with advice from shipwright Dave ,on repairing a boat in the compound. He's learning a lot.