Wednesday 28 June 2017


Shipwright Dave is taking some time to go sailing and climbing for a few weeks so Helen II will be on hold. 
Recently, Dave cut and welded the front piece of metal called  "the gammon iron".This is heavily bolted to the bow and will hold the bowsprit.This is the round piece of wood just to the right of it in the right hand picture.The bowsprit is slid out about 12 feet and will hold the forward sails.


This shows the bowsprit hoisted out in a picture of Helen II taken thirty years ago when she was working. 

Thanks to the effort  of Barry our fabricator from Penmaenmawr ,Dave has set the chain plates in position ready for fixing after drilling.
These will hold up  rigging to steady the mast.
Wednesday Phil has been varnishing the cabin using this stuff. I have to say it is really easy to

apply" any fool can do it" as Dave keeps telling me !

Once D1 is brushed on and has dried , D2 is then used to give the lovely finish.

So as we close for a break,
Wednesday Phil has left his trusty guard dog  FANG to keep watch and hopefully continue to encourage donations in our absence.
There is nothing like emotional blackmail to swell the coffers !!!!
Happy hols Dave.

Saturday 10 June 2017


 Our new crew member  busied himself filling voids (spaces between frames and planks) with red lead putty.

Wednesday Phil rubbed down the cabin in the morning and as Shipwright Dave fitted the final keel bolt ,we then had a BIG CLEAN and replaced  the floors .

The following photos  show the finished views as displayed for the public on the notice boards.

 There were then  many shouts of " I've just cleaned that !"
 We now have a door mat for use before entry !

Sunday 4 June 2017


Over the past two weeks we have been working on preparing the topside for weather sealing with the first of many coats of varnish.

It proved inexplicably exciting to see Dave start the first coat.
( I don't get out very much )
 We were soon both painting  with  pleasure .The effect is superb.
 The weather proved excellent -dry and calm and the passers by commented on the transformation immediately.

 Once completed ,Dave set about the keel band as discussed last blog.
The metal tabs I pre-drilled  were temporarily  bolted to the wooden keel and spot welded to the metal band.
The band was then lowered away from the keel and Dave then fully welded the tabs in position.
The band was then re sited to check for refitting.

As it fitted perfectly, it will now be sent away for galvanizing,( this will protect it from corrosion )

We are sorry we were unable to open Helen II for Pirates Weekend .
It was very enjoyable.... especially when Wednesday Phil discovered the pirate ship VILMA at secret anchor on the river.
The motley crew were busy below drinking lots of grog  and practicing "OOOH ARRRGHING " prior to attacking Conwy quay.
(Unless it was something they ate !)

Another beautiful wooden vessel .