Wednesday 28 October 2015

A GREAT WEEKEND WAS HAD BY ALL.....24-25th October 2015

The Conwy Feast proved a great opportunity to show off Helen II
Trustee Murray wowed the visitors with magical knots while shipwright Dave showed the guests the doings in the boat.All the volunteers took time to participate in the week end and we raised over £250 in funds.Many thanks to all who continue to support us !
When we had time off we went to view the stands and exhibits and to our pleasure Adrian our saw mill supplier was in show.
His wood work is an art form in itself !
When I asked what the construction was, he laughed and said it's  an dino kennel !
"What a daft idea !" I said ."What would live in a kennel like that ?  

You get all sorts at the Conwy Feast !

Meanwhile back to this week's  continued work. Both Daves are now focused on creating the bunks in the forward and central sections. Once mapped out, the designs need testing again for fitness of purpose.

Wednesday Phil unselfishly volunteers for this task once he has elbowed all rivals out of the way !
Apprentice Dave helped put him at ease with a lovely bedtime story about Viking burial rituals .
But we were all stopped in our tracks by billowing smoke from Deganwy and sirens.

With both Daves now working speedily, Wednesday Phil ,after suitable training ,supports by supplying the required wood for each task with a smile and a swear box.(both of which are hidden !)

And Duncan from  Llandrillo College  continues to home his skills on a boat in the compound which is his sole project.


Wednesday 21 October 2015


If you are down for the Conwy Feast come and see Helen II for free !

This was the view at 9-00am today.Most of the internal walls (bulk heads ) are in place and work on the bunks has begun.
 In the right  photo, the space between the two bulk heads will house the chart table and beneath it the sink.

This is the view towards the bow showing bunks 1,2 and 3.

Volunteer Pat prepares the stern section for the open weekend cleaning and painting exposed wood, but disaster struck when it was discovered Pat had not baked and thus no cake today !

Meanwhile Wednesday Phil and apprentice Dave decided to trial the forward bunks for fitness of purpose.
 Dave was at first a little shy and Wednesday Phil explained he was perfectly safe as he wasn't  a young blonde goddess !

Dave said I could relax as I didn't
look a bit like "SKIPPY the bush kangaroo" .

( Dave being an Australian from a very lonely place.)
 Thak goodness he didn't notice my bib pocket !

Shipwright Dave  muttered something and continued work on bunks
 4 and 5 in the main cabin.

At the end of the day, we all relaxed and observed the week's progress with satisfaction.
We are looking forward to showing Helen II to visitors this week end.
All are welcome !

Wednesday 14 October 2015


This morning's view from the office window. 8-30 am.
The rudder tube has now been drilled and fitted and is ready for the next connections.

 The internal organization  is set out for the trustees to view this afternoon prior to the monthly meeting.

 Apprentice Dave practices skate boarding on a more stable surface since fracturing his arm on his previous outing !

 The view from the bow looking towards the stern as Dave tidies up.

Roy Dennis, in orange ,one of our sponsors and Jim Roddick ,trustee, views the progress of Helen II
 and Jane Roddick makes the final decisions !
They already have their own "Nobby"and gifted Helen II to the trust.

Roy Dennis (left ) Murray Taylor (centre) and Jim Roddick  (in red) discuss ' next steps' prior to the trustees' monthly meeting.
During today's visit they were surprised how many visitors stopped to ask questions about the boat and all joined in imparting knowledge of the build and history of these boats.

It has been agreed that we will have two open days during the Conwy Feast on the 24th -25th of October 9-30am 'till 4-0pm
SO... if you would like an opportunity to view the internal doings and gain a real appreciation of the size of the boat please come along and meet the team.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

THE BULK HEADS (WALLS ) ARE GOING IN. 7th September 2015

This week has seen swift progress as the bulk heads are now being fitted from one inch thick plywood.

" Starwars  Dave",who fractured his arm whilst skate boarding some time ago, returned to work this week with limited dexterity.He is therefore hands solo !
But ,this didn't stop him designing and cutting out a starboard (right ) bulk head.

Once cut out, they are tried in place and trimmed as needed.

Dave then created a tongue and groove effect using a router on a port bulk head to see how this would look within the hull.

Then we all sat discussing the aesthetic effect .
As it proved successful ,it was again removed and Wednesday Phil sealed the cut edges using epoxy resin ready for final fitting on Thursday.

Meanwhile......Volunteer Pat quietly worked in the bow  undercoating/ priming the hull in grey.