Wednesday 14 October 2015


This morning's view from the office window. 8-30 am.
The rudder tube has now been drilled and fitted and is ready for the next connections.

 The internal organization  is set out for the trustees to view this afternoon prior to the monthly meeting.

 Apprentice Dave practices skate boarding on a more stable surface since fracturing his arm on his previous outing !

 The view from the bow looking towards the stern as Dave tidies up.

Roy Dennis, in orange ,one of our sponsors and Jim Roddick ,trustee, views the progress of Helen II
 and Jane Roddick makes the final decisions !
They already have their own "Nobby"and gifted Helen II to the trust.

Roy Dennis (left ) Murray Taylor (centre) and Jim Roddick  (in red) discuss ' next steps' prior to the trustees' monthly meeting.
During today's visit they were surprised how many visitors stopped to ask questions about the boat and all joined in imparting knowledge of the build and history of these boats.

It has been agreed that we will have two open days during the Conwy Feast on the 24th -25th of October 9-30am 'till 4-0pm
SO... if you would like an opportunity to view the internal doings and gain a real appreciation of the size of the boat please come along and meet the team.

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