Wednesday 7 October 2015

THE BULK HEADS (WALLS ) ARE GOING IN. 7th September 2015

This week has seen swift progress as the bulk heads are now being fitted from one inch thick plywood.

" Starwars  Dave",who fractured his arm whilst skate boarding some time ago, returned to work this week with limited dexterity.He is therefore hands solo !
But ,this didn't stop him designing and cutting out a starboard (right ) bulk head.

Once cut out, they are tried in place and trimmed as needed.

Dave then created a tongue and groove effect using a router on a port bulk head to see how this would look within the hull.

Then we all sat discussing the aesthetic effect .
As it proved successful ,it was again removed and Wednesday Phil sealed the cut edges using epoxy resin ready for final fitting on Thursday.

Meanwhile......Volunteer Pat quietly worked in the bow  undercoating/ priming the hull in grey.

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