Wednesday 16 September 2015

WHICH PLANK DID TERRY PUT ON ?        16 th September 2015

This was the question on most peoples lips today after the T.V. prog. last night on BBC 2.
Not one person asked for Dave's autograph after the show .
Wednesday Phil did one autograph  after the visitor  agreed to accept an I.O.U. 
We even had some holiday visitors come from Anglesey to see Conwy after watching the programme. 
 "It looked like a lovely town on telly!"

The work on the floors continues, but much discussion took place about bulk heads  (walls) and  the  internal arrangements.
Wednesday Phil was let loose on the planer table ,after suitable instruction , to prepare floor boards to the correct thickness for the sole (floor ).
A great deal of time was spent answering questions from visitors from around the world about the construction of Helen II.
And some people didn,t know who Sir Terry Wogan was !
Well that's what they said.


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