Wednesday 2 September 2015

Dave starts work on the sole ( cabin floor ) .. 2nd September 2015

Today the schoolchildren started back at most establishments..and what a difference to the quay !
At 10 am it was still almost empty but it built up later .

Shipwright Dave came back from holiday cruising round the Isle of Man and apprentice Dave has done something nasty to his arm so we  hope for a speedy recovery.
Work on the half beams is on hold as we are short of suitable wood .Adrian at the saw mill is working on this as I write.

So Dave started work on the
" sole "(internal floor ) 

He started by taking a level for the floor using tight string
and then put in a support on every frame ( rib ). 

Having continued epoxy filling screw holes on the hull  ,Wednesday Phil then began bolting the half beams  into place on the beam shelf.(beam to hold the deck beams up )
This structure is certainly built for strength.                                                                         
Last week Duncan from Llandrillo College continued improving his skills ,with advice from shipwright Dave ,on repairing a boat in the compound. He's learning a lot.                                      


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