Friday, 28 August 2015

THE HALF BEAMS CONTINUE (they hold up the deck )    12th of August 2015

FIRST AN anyone who went to the Quay Day expecting to view Helen II from above.Unfortunately not enough volunteers were available to make this possible.We hope to do something during the Conwy Feast later this year.
So anyway, both Daves are now making the half beams along the deck sides.

So I said to shipwright Dave" if the first set of beams in grey are called half beams ,the shorter ones (only half the size) must be quarter beams.Dave looked at Dave and Dave returned the look and both replied  "no they are half beams"
. I explained my logic for some time so shipwright Dave gave a job to keep me quiet ( I think ! )
I got the exciting task of repositioning  bolts which had blocked the plank nails being fully driven in to the frames (ribs ).
Now all the outstanding nails or screws in the planks are flush with the hull.
I then attempted to further discuss quarter beams
 and was richly rewarded by being charged with cleaning out the shavings building up in the hull ,but I was ready for that one !

Who's a clever boy then ?
Shipwright Dave smiled..........
Apprentice Dave smiled........... Now I'm worried !!!!!!!!!!!

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