Monday 5 December 2016

Kyle,Ethan,Gary,Sally ,Rory and tutor Frazer arrived today for three days of hard work.

 After rigging the safety net, tutor Fraser dived in to test it's effectiveness. and re enact a scene from Romeo and Juliet with stand in Dave trying to look coy.

After solving the problem of creating a raised mound of putty between the planks, Wednesday Phil showed the students the technique and they began learning by experience.

Kyle  worked independently

while Ethan and Gary teamed up, after having made Wednesday Phil comfortable in his arm chair.The concentration was a joy to behold !

Rory began making deck hoops to fit around the mast  to make the mast  water tight at deck level while Sally continued caulking .

Shipwright Dave began fixing the toe rail along the starboard (right ) edge of the deck. This is designed to stop people slipping off the deck during drunken sea shanties.
(Well that's what I think.)


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