Wednesday 23 November 2016

THE BOWSPRIT IS TRIED and the rain subsides.

 The bowsprit was positioned today after two days of torrential rain.Apprentice Dave swiftly attached a rope  and hauled out his high viz" smalls" to dry out.

These doubled as a warning for passing traffic as the pole reached nine feet into the quay roadway.


After marking its possible position, it was retracted for safety as the "smalls" had dried.

 Apprentice Dave continued creating the forward hatch frame.

Wednesday Phil painted the underside of the deck beams and then handed over to Pat for the afternoon .

 Then the troubles began!!!
Phil was charged with filling the plank gap with a mixture of red lead and putty .This covers the caulking cotton to creat a water tight seal.

Shipwright Dave wanted the mix to create a raised mound between the planks -to be sanded smooth later,but Wednesday Phil could only create a smooth finish  .He then experimented with different drier and runnier mixes.
As Phil could not get the desired result, he was sent to the naughty corner vowing to do better next week !!!

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