Wednesday 9 November 2016


 This is today's group of students who worked on Helen II.

This week Ethan, Rory, Kade Kyle,Alex,  Joshua, Callum,Lee,Gary,Corey,Scott, Sally and their tutor Fraser will all work on the boat.

With their breathing masks on, they just needed white body armour and we would have a scene from Star Wars!

We were all pleased to see the energetic work they put in and with the astute direction and  leading by example of  Fraser,  all stayed  focused and on task all day. WELL DONE !!!
(They only got their mobile phone fixes during breaks )

Kade prepared Epoxy Resin with filler to use on final finishing of screw and bolt depressions on the hull.

Under shipwright Dave's direction, others worked on fairing in the hull and deck.

Wednesday Phil directed  caulking practice from his armchair .
They will certainly cut down his workload for the future !!

Apprentice Dave  continued making frames around the "timber heads" (two chunks of wood sticking up at the bow end )
Once framed, the inside edge will be caulked and sealed with mastic to stop water leaking into the hull.
Well that's what he told me !

My final view today showing the anchor chain guide template  which will control  the chain and rope at the bow.
Its name escapes me.

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