Friday 28 October 2016

THE DECK GLASSING IS COMPLETED with six inches spare.

With all three of us working together the fibre glassing moved on apace and shipwright Dave's calculations of the amount needed was spot on with six inches to spare.
Wednesday Phil was relieved and impressed at this.
Shipwright Dave was relieved and secretly stunned.
Apprentice Dave was stunned and secretly relieved  himself.

When he returned he seemed to take a turn for the worst 'giggling and muttering to Helen II.( click on the picture for the full grim look.)

 Mike  Fox, our marine surveyor, came today to see the build to date and to advise us on requirements to achieve our required certification in the future.
He proved extremely helpful and supportive of the build thus far. 

As we are due students from Llandrillo College soon and we are unclear what they are meant to be learning on their visit ,

Wednesday Phil began to prepare some planking sections so the students will be able to practice caulking before being let loose on Helen II .
Hopefully the college will let us know the work schedules
prior to the week of work !!! 

These were the final views on Wednesday evening.

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