Sunday 23 October 2016

Sorry to those who came on Sunday hoping to visit us, but we were short of volunteers.
Saturday was a busy day with many visitors to Conwy and Helen II.
Conwy Feast was blessed with excellent weather which helps.

"Murray the Knot" held court to attract visitors into the compound and Wednesday Phil gave demonstrations of caulking before taking visitors up top to see progress. All were surprised at not only progress but the amount of space within Helen II.
They were further amazed at the skill with which Murray extracted willing donations before exit.

Ship wright Dave came to help open up and close on Saturday.
Previously he completed the 'glassing of the bow.
Thanks to all visitors who came to see Helen II and many thanks to all who donated .
My thanks to all those who give of their time to see the projects continuation !
And finally thanks to Conwy Mussels for my tea.

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