Wednesday 12 October 2016


Preparations get underway for the Conwy Feast on 22nd and 23 rd of October.Over the two days we will open Helen II to the public.

Shipwright Dave continues on the rudder construction making the shoe at the bottom of the keel for the post to sit on . This will be welded when finished .

Both Daves continue to lay the plywood deck and glass it for total waterproofing.

Apprentice Dave marks up where the beams are on the underside of a deck sheet.
Usually when Wednesday Phil is in such an awkward space  ,much grunting, groaning and twisting takes place, but when Dave was here he was very still and a snoring noise was heard.

Finally the sheet was removed
 and holes drilled for the screws.

 Wednesday Phil was back on caulking AGAIN but some joints were so tight the cotton would not go in, so the gap was enlarged to allow the caulking into the space.Dave is widening the gap with a crafty mini saw.

The views fore and aft of the deck at the end of the day.

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