Wednesday 16 November 2016


Due to the storage of  bilge keel boats next to the compound on Thursday /Friday, today was the last opportunity to lift the engine into the boat for the next six months.
A hiab was to be used from the bridge contractors to assist, but it was seen disappearing over the cob  at 9 am today. Even the driver was surprised!
Harbour Master Matt  swung (strolled) into action.
Thanks to the generosity of BUCKLEYS CRANE HIRE they provided a lift vehicle  at short notice to assist.

.In order to get the engine out of the shed ,Llandrillo College students practised bailing out  a water filled obstruction first. This is excellent  preparation for the Helen II launch.

Once a block and tackle was rigged, the engine was lifted out and taken around the compound to the port side of Helen II.
(click on a picture to enlarge)

Baz ,from the harbour office, organized the lift  with the  Buckley's driver at the controls.
The engine was placed on the deck and then lowered through the foot well via a chain winch.

The two Daves then pushed the engine along an angled plank as Baz continued to control the move.
Finally the engine was unhooked and all celebrated with a cuppa !!!
Well that's what they told me !

 A special thanks to BUCKLEYS CRANES for making it possible and Baz for his knowledge.

And then shipwright Dave lined up the angle for the prop shaft to enter the hull
with string and his eye..and drilled a pilot hole.

Looks technical doesn't it ?

 Apprentice Dave finished sealing the posts at the bow.

Volunteer Pat came to do some internal painting and Wednesday Phil supplied moral support and tea.

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