Wednesday 11 November 2015

Big Blow Expected- Abigail   11th November

Because a storm is forecast for Friday, the annual boat" lift out" has been brought forward a day and started today, which took most owners by surprise.A number of skippers visited us in the hope of gaining wedges and props which we supplied for a donation ! Then one person asked if we could supply  4" x 4" sections so we told him him NO or words of similar meaning.

But the work continues on Helen II.
Apprentice Dave shows the art of Limbo dancing within the confines of  the forward bunk area he is building.This picture  shows the initial frame to support bunk 1.

The whole forward section is looking great !
I almost booked a berth in advance.
The white area will accommodate the toilet ( heads ) ,so any booking by me may need further consideration and distance !

Meanwhile shipwright Dave uses an adze for shaping a chunk of oak for the mast step .

Work suddenly halted this afternoon at 2-00 pm as the Daves went to Anglesey  to view and order wood for the cabin construction and Wednesday Phil went to a trustees' meeting.

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