Wednesday 2 December 2015

This week the two Daves have begun the cabin front using the new Iroko timber.
Having made the patterns last week, the wood was cut and then planed in three planks. 
The first plank goes on 

and the corner posts are positioned.. 

In order to join the planks together and make the joints water tight,a rebate (groove) is cut into both planks as below. Dave creates the groove and it will be filled with a thin strip of wood to make a water tight seal when the next plank is pushed tightly on top.
In the final fit these will be glued before fitting.

The three planks are in place for the first fit . Both Daves seemed happy with the result and allowed themselves a smile and a cuppa via Wednesday Phil !

The view from the bow (front) into the inner workings.

The right hand picture is the view from the stern (back) looking forward .

Today, Wednesday  Phil counted the donations money given in the last 10 weeks. The trustees would like to thank all the visitors for their generous gifts
 It keeps us  afloat !

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