Friday 8 January 2016

BACK TO WORK IN THE NEW YEAR  6th January 2016

 Another day at the office as work recommenced on the cabin sides.
In order to bend the top plank to fit snugly on the lower plank, props are used to help make a gentle bend.

 The sides are then secured with screws that are counter sunk to allow wooden plugs to cover them as below.

The plugs are drilled from off cuts of iroko by Wednesday Phil.

These are then removed from the off cut and knocked into the hole on top of the screw .The excess is cut off and then sanded down to leave an aesthetically pleasing  finish.

The internal sides of the cabin are then sanded smooth by Phil while apprentice Dave whispers words of encouragement and some others !

 Both Daves turned their attention to the port (left) cabin post .
This was glued and screwed into position.

 Shipwright Dave then began working out the camber (bend ) for the cabin roof beams as each beam becomes shorter as you move towards the bow.


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