Wednesday 29 June 2016


Both Daves were busy while I was away. The inside roof and cabin sides have been painted and varnished and look superb ! Although they tried hard to stop me, I had to stroke it as it is so tactile.

Today apprentice Dave created the second layer of  marine ply for  the roof prior to final fix and gluing of the two skins together.
 When complete, the roof will be fiber glassed to create a watertight seal.
Today a new volunteer came to work on Helen II. called Sandy .

 Others volunteers are absent..
She was clearly more agile than Wednesday Phil.... so Sandy was sent to the bow with a paint brush to do contortions while undercoating the wood.
Wednesday Phil took a less demanding task of undercoating the starboard (right) side of the main cabin area.
 Work was punctuated by groans  and mutterings as it is an uncomfortable task to reach all areas .
But the result is rewarding......

Shipwright Dave worked on drilling the shaft for the rudder .It proved difficult as he has had to improvise as always!!

At the weekend Apprentice Dave and Duncan opened the boat to the public for Pirates Weekend .Apparently the weather was horrible  but our thanks to both for the commitment !

But some one, with a sense of fun, decided to involve FANG the guard dog in the festivities.
He's still sulking but he's turned a blind eye to it.


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