Saturday 3 September 2016

Today we had three volunteers on hand so the painting inside proceeded at a pace.Sandy ,Sally and Wednesday Phil painted as follows...If its bare wood-red lead /if its red lead- grey primer/ if its grey primer-white undercoat/if white undercoat- white gloss. If its any other colour you're on a different boat !
The first sheet of marine ply is measured and cut to size as shipwright Dave looks on,  Apprentice Dave does the work.....
It is first fitted (roughly fitted) and holes drilled to match with the deck beams.(click on the picture to see the detail)

Shipwright Dave begins fitting the cockpit seating area .

The deck beams are painted ready for the ply deck to cover them.

Work is slow but precise and the volunteers all came away with matching grey speckled clothes and designer face paint.
The two Daves came away grinning.

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