Friday 9 November 2018

The 8 cm thick oak sleepers for the rudder have been lying in the yard for some time and under the guidance of trustee Ron , Phil plucked up courage to tackle the build.
4 sleepers were selected and had to be planed down to just 40 mm thick .This took the best part of a day!
These were placed together and a copy of the existing rudder drawn on for the pattern.
These were  then cut to shape ready for fixing with epoxy resin.

Due to the cold weather , the gluing could not be done in the compound as epoxy will not harden below 10 degrees centigrade
Wednesday Phil decided to do this in his warm garage as a bit of homework.

The individual pieces were taken home separately as lifting heavy weights is a no no !
Unfortunately Phil forgot that after gluing,  the pieces became one solid weight.
Don't try this without support....(or A support ! )
Once back in the compound , the sanding down continued to make an attractive unit.

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