Monday 1 July 2019


Wednesday Phil finally plucked up courage to fit the portholes gifted by Tony Banks.

Having decided where they would go (over the chart desk and above the cooking area) Phil began by taping over the wood to protect it from scratching and marked the hole to be cut.

He then drilled a hole  big enough for a jigsaw blade to go through and cut out the circle.

The hole was roughly cut as Phil 's blades are only DIY standard.
The tape covering the wood also proved difficult as it pulled up obscuring a good view.
(Phil knows all about blaming the tools!)

Once the holes were cut the brass fittings could be positioned for first fit.

These now need to be sealed in place but Phil is not sure which sealant to use yet.
He awaits advice from" those who know ".

The tiller bolts finally arrived and were fitted today to complete the job.

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