Sunday 18 August 2019

Wednesday Phil was really excited at the prospect of creating the toilet (heads ) !!
 While waiting for the toilet floor to dry, Phil made and fitted the door.

Having noticed the loo hull was not glossed he set to and remedied the situation. 

 Once the floor was dry and fitted, Phil made a template for the partition between the loo and the chain locker and was awarded  a gold medal for creative contortionism !! Work areas are getting smaller and more awkward.

 Ron has begun fixing the remote controls and guages in the cockpit. While Wally draws up plans for the parts needed to fit the engine and gearbox.

 Then Wally and Phil created the hatch runners using the bench saw and elbow grease.
"I'm happy with that !" said Wally .And when Wally says that, we all are .

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