Monday 20 March 2023


Since the last update things seemed to have moved slowly. Having  fitted the gaff we had great difficulty in raising it as the ropes kept jamming in the top block so Francis from YWAM  climbed the mast and added an extra shackle to the top block to turn it through 90 degrees.

Still the gaff could not be raised so Wally created an extension bar to hold the pulley away from the mast and a week later Francis was was back up the mast installing it.

Still the gaff would not rise .

Wednesday Phil was convinced the problem was with the pulleys he had made and so it was decided to BUY two metal ones.

Francis once again volunteered to head for the heights and replaced the suspect pulleys while grinning continuously !

AND finally this did the trick.

The gaff can now be raised with little effort .Using strong students.

The main sail has now been brought from the compound and with student help fastened (bent) on to the gaff. 

Ron  nervously measured the full  sail to check that his  design  would fit correctly and all was well. He's a happy man !

Due to an increasing easterly wind this  morning it was decided not to raise the sail as the boat would have keeled over on the shoreline.
And we didn't want that !

So the sail was lashed down to be raised another day.

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