Monday 23 April 2012


From the initial concept this project has taken ages to formalize. You may think that progress has been slow and you’re right but it’s not for the want of effort. 

We thought we would start a News Letter – so here we go!

We are now a registered Charity and we have been awarded Heritage Lottery funding. This is a Match Funding grant that awards up to £50,000 which means we have to raise funds from other sources before we can draw down money from the Lottery Fund. The trustees have done this with the help of several generous supporters and we cannot thank them enough. Without them we would have been “in irons” (unable to manoeuver because of the position of the sails with relation to the direction of the wind). 

We will have to continue to raise funds to secure the future of the boat and its primary use for youngsters to learn about our maritime environment and to hopefully achieve self confidence and trust in others in their team.

Llandrillo College have built the shelter and thanks to Richard Williams Builders Merchants for providing materials at cost and Blah d Blah for the information boards. We think it now looks an integral part of the quay as well as allowing work to progress in bad weather.


  1. Why has this potentially very interesting blog stopped?

    Hobby Photographer

    1. Dear Steve
      Thanks for your comments re Helen 2. I hope the blog now meets your interest.
      Wednesday Phil