Friday 1 June 2012

Donations and Fund Raising:

Jim Unsworth donated a traditional launch “Emma” for the Helen 11 that students at Llandrillo College completely stripped and rebuilt as part of their course during Spring/Summer 2011. They have done a fantastic job as there was a lot more to do than we originally thought. Hopefully they enjoyed the experience and got a lot out of it.

During 2012 it is hoped to use Emma to have trips round the harbour and up river to both promote the project and let youngsters start to get a feel for sailing. She may be small but that is perhaps an advantage when you are learning to handle a boat – having someone on hand to apply powered steering can often prevent those stomach churning events when an obstacle is looming. 

There have two Street Collection days – the first assisted by students from Llandrillo College and the second during the River Festival 2011when a group of musicians gave their time for free and played next to the Liverpool Arms (thanks to them for the electricity.

Andy White from Llandrillo ran a raffle to go sailing on the Helen when she’s finished and raised a brilliant £218. Thank you to all concerned.

Laird Assessors, North West Cruising Club, Conwy River Festival, Cartrefi Conwy and other individuals are just some financial supporters.

A large donation came from one source that the Trustees are extremely grateful for. It has allowed them to draw down part of the Lottery Fund and start the real work of restoration.

Andrew Potter (Marine Surveyor) has provided a full survey of the boat free of charge and Paul Kennerley has provided line drawings in CAD form and these will prove invaluable in the future.

Quay Marinas have donated a berth for Emma which is extremely generous.

The Trustees would like to thank everyone for their support to date.

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