Wednesday 25 March 2015

Due to a lovely holiday and Talk Talk taking a month to get me back online, I will now  bring you up to speed on the doings at the boat.
Work has continued apace with a single aim of planking the hull.
As we move to the centre planks the patterns become bendier  and it becomes more difficult to find a slab which can fit the pattern.

The side view on
 February 16 th

By 16 th March, with all hands working, we are close to closing the starboard planking.

Volunteer Pat even came in on her 21 st birthday (that's what she told me ) to epoxy fill the nail holes which seems an endless task.

Obviously we were all hard at work in this action shot with Wednesday Phil and sneaky Dave.

I say sneaky Dave, as if you look at his right hand you will notice he has willfully blown my cover again !

As the patterns become bendier ,we have to flex them (straighten them a bit ) to fit the slab and then once the plank is cut,  twist and flex that with G clamps to make it fit into position on the boat.

Today, 25 th of March ,the final half of the starboard stop plank could not be completed as the bendy pattern will not fit any of the remaining slabs of larch .We are gutted !!!.
We will now have to wait for a new delivery of slabs from Adrian at his Abergele saw mill.

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