Wednesday 1 April 2015

CONNECTING THE PLANKS                 1st April  2015
While shipwright Dave continued planking the port (left ) side ,apprentice Dave and Wednesday Phil began joining plank ends together

First a block of wood which fits between the frames (ribs) is measured so that it fits in the gap and overlaps one inch above and below the planks to be joined. This allows the planks to be  pulled into line with the neighbouring ones.

Holes are then drilled through the plank and block. To do this I held the block and Dave drilled from the outside with the comforting utterance of "trust me ". This I did until Dave became over enthusiastic with the drill depth marker and a little hole appeared within a scream of my fingers .We then modified our technique and I increased my accident payout sums.
Six bolts are inserted and secured tightly once the back of the joining block is smeared with a mixture of red lead and putty which seals any gap behind the block.

This leaves a beautiful,strong and water tight joint.

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