Friday 24 April 2015

DUNCAN MAKES HIS FIRST PLANK                 16th April 2015
 This was the view of the boat today as we wait for  a new delivery of larch slabs. We still await a wide enough plank to create the starboard stop plank.
So shipwright Dave decided to let Duncan, our Thursday volunteer, try to make a plank all by himself for the port (left) side .Duncan is at present doing a course on Marine Design at Llandrillo College.
Duncan set to with great enthusiasm and using what he had learnt working on the project with the two Daves and specific tips and advice from shipwright Dave, he managed to fit his first ever plank snugly.
He was that chuffed, he is to ask the college if he can do a practical day a week on Helen II after completion of this year's exams. 
This boat has a special effect on all who work on her !


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