Wednesday 27 May 2015


If you have enjoyed our weekly blog on Helen II or eagerly await each weeks ramblings to hit your screen ,you can help keep the project alive with modern technology.
We have now created a donations gizmo to allow our followers to donate painlessly from the comfort of their armchairs via a 'phone text message.

I have no idea how it works,but you can test the system yourself to check it does !

   1. We are sadly short of funds and every donation helps keep us afloat.(see how I did that ?)
   2.We tend to get small change in the collection buoy and I have to count it.It takes ages !
          By this extra method I hope we can get donations rounded to pounds.
   3. I have little use for zlotys, euros or steel washers.

So if you want to help us easily and hygienically please bang away on the buttons and give as you see fit !     
         End of slick begging advert.

Today shipwright Dave finished one half plank for the port (left ) side and made a  pattern for another .Wednesday Phil began the task of sanding down the starboard (right) side of the hull to give the planks a smooth finish. All the visitors stopped to admire our handy work whilst visiting a Celtic Fair on the Quay .
Our work was sadly hampered by the arrival of Robin Leach a director working for BBC 2 who thinks the project may be included in a program on T.V.
The fight for control of the mirror was unseemly......
Wednesday Phil gave a rousing rendition of " alas poor Yorick I knew him well !"
whilst keeping a vice like grip on the comb.
Shipwright Dave grinned for the camera !

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