Sunday 24 May 2015


Shipwright Dave continued adding another half plank to the port (left ) side of the hull and created a pattern for the next bow section.

Meanwhile apprentice Dave worked on the lower hull working upwards to meet with shipwright Dave at the stop plank (closing,final plank )

But apprentice Dave had to leave at 10 am for an exam on " The Principles of Boat Building Technology".
When he returned ,he announced, he scored 87.5 % in the test. We pointed out he was 2.5% down on the previous sitting not to mention half a plank down on the day !
BUT we did congratulate him on his result.
He set to with a will and a big grin and   completed a half plank by Wednesday close.

Tony Mead informed us that a producer from BBC 2 is coming next Wednesday to look at the project .
So Wednesday Phil is off to the shops to purchase an "Elvis" bib and brace overall and some gold rigger gloves......
 not that this will go to his head !

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