Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The television cameras came this afternoon to do a piece about Helen II for a new series called the Great British Food Trip.
Sir Terry Wogan and co presenter Mason had a full 45 minute guided tour accompanied by Tony Mead (trustee) who explained the aims and objectives  and introduced us all to both.
We then gave them the honour of fitting the shutter ( final ) plank on the port (left ) side to complete the planking.
Once they figured out which way up the plank went ,with shipwright Dave in control,the board was secured in full view of the cameras. What a great sight to all involved in her construction.
Finally they were treated to a selection of prawn sandwiches via Trevor of  the  Conwy Mussel Plant on the quay.
Notice apprentice Dave got in on the food act again!
They were both impressed with the project and wished us well before agreeing to a team photo for our blog.
Left to right....Mason, shipwright Dave, apprentice Dave ,Pat ,Terry ,Tony ,Wednesday Phil,Duncan.
That was an enjoyable day !
So we put Helen II to bed looking WONDERFUL
P.S. Wednesday Phil finished up in the naughty corner again for breaking the rotary sander. Ooops !

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