Monday 29 June 2015

Wednesday 16 th June.
Harbour master Mathew Forbes has secured a grant of £5,000 pounds for  the project and so the work on Helen II continues ........
At this time of year,many parties of school children visit the quay and often groups come over to see the boat and Wednesday Phil gives short talks to explain the history and aims of the project.

Today Peel Hall Primary School, Salford  visited and were not only extremely well behaved but attentive and interested in the project.Well done to the children and staff (including the lad who kept yawning ! I hope it was the excitement of the trip and not my delivery. )
With the possibility of the T.V. coming soon, Dave perfects his Cagney impression of
 "you dirty rat " with anyone who will listen.
They just need to be less agile than he is and hopefully on the other side of the fence!

The truth is that no matter what we are doing people want to ask questions and are genuinely interested in our work. Many visitors  come back again and again to see the progress.

This plank is a real banana 

 but can you see how it springs open as it is cut ?
You never know how planks are going to react.
If you look carefully at this picture ,you can see how the slab sprung open while being sawn at the mill causing thick and thin sections in the slice. We didn't expect that but we managed to level it via the planer.

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