Thursday 11 August 2016


There seems to be a stop start progress at present as the jobs become detailed and need preparation work .
Apprentice Dave has prepared the ceilings (side planks) to fit on the starboard bunk.These are painted and ready to fit, but first he has sealed all the joints behind these planks with red lead to stop any condensation getting in to rot the wood.Click on the picture to see an enlarged view.

Shipwright Dave has set in two new half beams at the stern to take a fiddlestick (flat beam) to sit the rear part of the well on. This is where the crew will sit .
The work is precise and detailed.

An observer may notice that Wednesday Phil and Sandy have been busy painting all the interior and half beams in grey primer... or where this has already been done we have used white undercoat.
Both emerged spotty but happy to continue caulking!!!!!!

 Wednesday Phil spends a lot of time with all new volunteers showing them basic skills .Many seem to think the idea of working on the project is somehow romantic and when they realise it is often repetative and hard work ,they soon disappear !
One gentleman lasted half a day.
Sandy seems a " goodun " as she repeatedly returns on a regular basis and is always smiling and positive.

This week Shipwright Dave has also been working out the angle and position of the propeller and shaft while going "brum brum  brrrrrrrr !"
This will help with the positioning of the engine.
Well that's what he told me ! 
Wednesday Phil is very concerned about this as he thought most boats had metal propellers.

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