Tuesday 2 August 2016


.It was a busy day on the quay with many people stopping to ask questions

Alan Sharp ,one of the trustees came to view the progress and practice his "hello Sailor " technique.

Shipwright Dave made the corner posts for the well.

 Wednesday Phil took some time off from caulking to paint in the cabin space as this is another priority and he got back ache from limbo  dancing under the waterline area.Notice the joy in his face!!

Then the planer blades became damaged by a hidden nail and they need replacing before it can be used again as it leaves marks on the wood. So at present all planing is by hand.

If you click on the picture,  you can see an extra  half inch  piece of wood added to the deck beam  and faired in . This is because the beam dropped after drying out and would have left a space when the deck was added.
Well that's what they told me !

The view  aft at the end of the day.

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