Sunday 30 April 2017

An update of progress...........

In the last month quite a bit has happened.
The lads had a week off and Apprentice Dave left the project to take up a job up the Conwy valley  leaving shipwright Dave home alone ! 
Dave has patterned the keel band which is a strip of metal bolted on to the underside of the  keel.This will protect the wooden keel from damage if it should ever sit on nasty rocks or uneven ground.Once welded and " first fitted " it will be sent away for galvanizing before being  permanently fixed on.
Dave then fitted the stem head  .This is a large chunk of wood bolted to the bow in which the anchor chain sits when anchored up .
To the front of this is bolted a metal plate for protection and strength.

A local engineer is making the chain plates for the side of the hull. These are metal strips that will hold up the rigging.
As Wednesday Phil is still on light duties, lifting heavy objects is not allowed, which  makes Dave short handed at times.
 So Phil continues sanding down the hull to smooth out the caulking putty and then painting the planking with aluminium primer.

 Within the hull, the floors (planks) were removed  so that Dave could fit a final keel bolt and so Phil gave the bilges (the space below the floors) another coat of red oxide for extra protection.
Notice the artistic finish below !


Dave is now finishing the entry hatch and cabin rubbing band.
The jobs presently  are more detailed and time consuming, especially when Dave is working alone.

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