Wednesday 3 May 2017

Today Shipwright Dave worked on the cabin top grab rails.Each one is made from a length of teak.
The supports are measured and placed over the cabin beams . They can then be bolted through the beams to give extra strength.
(click on the picture to view the detail )

He also finished off the corners of the cabin from blocks of teak (left) glued and screwed into place before being sanded down .(right)
 It looks beautiful !

Wednesday Phil , ignoring the agony of tennis elbow and no sugar for the tea, continued sanding down the hull below the water line to remove excess red lead putty.This created a smooth hull fit to glide through the water.
This was painted with aluminium primer thinned as a first coat.
"Next time," said Dave ,"you can give it another good layer of undercoat !"
"Oh goodie !"said Wednesday Phil as he chewed on another paracetamol........

Phil then emptied the donations buoy .
Shipwright Dave and Phil are always surprised at the generosity of the visitors to our compound.
Thanks to all who donate to Helen II.

 And finally..... the oak beams to create the rudder were delivered by Adrian from his Elwy Wood saw mill.He is a great supporter of the project .

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