Saturday 20 May 2017


While Wednesday was away checking out spanish trawler designs ,Dave continued "home alone" on sealing the decks by gluing and screwing "thingies" along the cabin/ deck sides.
We couldn't decide the name for these seals so we settled for thingies.
Notice the precision at every stage. 
(click on the picture to see the detail)

Avid followers would also have noticed the completed grab rails.

The 47 foot  tree trunk which is destined to become our mast arrived.
It is 12 inches thick and needs to be shaved down to approx. 8 inches.
The nice delivery driver said "that's a big job ! Why didn't the lady who ordered it, have that done in the factory ?"
Dave said,"OOPS !  (he remembered we may have younger readers).

Meanwhile Wednesday Phil drilled lots of 4 inch tabs which will be welded to the metal  keel band  to hold it in place.

 Then back to sanding and priming of the starboard side.for the rest of the day.
Dave said it is better to do it now than later..... as a snorkel won't suit you !
See. He does care!
It's a pity that all this work will be hidden once launched.Still if it was clearly visible we would have a problem !

On the 28th--29th May it will be PIRATES WEEKEND on the quay.I hope we may be able to have an open day when devotees and visitors will be able to view our doings . I will let you know after the next trustees meeting.

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