Thursday 21 March 2019

Once Teg the saw doctor came and fixed the planer by sharpening and resetting the blades ,further slats could be planed and sawed into centimeter thick planks.
The cockpit decking could be completed. 
 UNFORTUNATELY no one told Wednesday Phil to leave a 4mm gap at the top and bottom of each plank for sikoflex filling .
After advice from "those in the know " and a great deal of naughty words, Phil began to saw the required space.
 It proved almost impossible until a good friend lent an electric cutting tool.
I don't know its name but it turned the job into a pleasurable experience !

As Phil is now working 3 to 4 mornings a week to keep things moving AND keep his dog happy, he now also  cuts wood in the compound and takes it home for homework.
This is worked on in the evenings when there is nothing of interest on the T.V. (most nights) and after dog walkies.
These stop water getting into the cabin from the cockpit.
Pre-cut planks were glued onto marine ply sheets with CASCOMITE wood glue ,to create 2 "artistic " washboards.
The gaps between were filled with sikoflex sealant . 

 Once hardened the excess sealant was trimmed off to leave a smooth seal .

The washboards were sanded smooth and epoxy resin rollered over the surface to create a good finish. 
Wednesday Phil was" rite chuffed " with the result !

Before Guru Ron( one of the trustees  ) left to run sailing courses in Portugal, he left a list of jobs for Wednesday Phil to do before his return
 when he would then create a longer jobs list..( Hope I am gaining your sympathy)
The directive was make a chart table with a drawer beneath it 5 inches deep .If you can, put a nice piece of wood behind it !!!
We are running out of large nice pieces of wood so Phil got creative 
During a boring week of telly, the table was prefabbed at home and  is now in situ .
The front cannot as yet be fitted as a large oak beam holding up the engine lies in its path.
(click on the picture to enlarge )
Wednesday Phil is now getting the hang of this woodwork !!

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