Thursday 11 April 2019

One of the lights in the hut fell down on a Monday.On Thursday trustee Dave came and  we attempted to fix it up again BUT there was a big bang and all went dark. The whole electric supply went down and it took two weeks to power up again.
So it was homework time again.
The next task on Wednesday Phil's list was to make the skylight opening windows .

One opening light had been partially made by apprentice Dave some time ago so Phil used this as a rough guide for the other one.
The original one had no beading on it to hold in the glass,so the first job was to create this. Beading was glued in with epoxy resin

The second was made using pegs and epoxy once Phil had looked up the method on you tube and reclaimed the wood required from old benching.
 Having bought his own pillar drill,Phil found the task easier.
 The rebate to slot the glass into was cut on the bench saw in the compound prior to the "big bang" .
Phil is now waiting for stainless steel piano hinge ordered on line as no local firm stocks it ! 

Today, the power was restored  and so reclaiming timber was the order of the day, in preparation for making the steps from the saloon to the main deck.
 As it was" dog walkies" time .Wednesday Phil packed his homework bag and finished for the day

Just as Phil was leaving Tony Banks, a local boat owner , came in and generously donated two brass port holes to the project.The trustees will be elated as we had not been able to afford any to date.
Many thanks on behalf of all the trustees TONY !!!! 

After walkies, Phil assembled the steps at home,  from a design drawn up in the yard.
 Having first fitted them and tried them out, the step up seem to be a bit
 tall and instead of three steps, may be four  would be easier so Phil may need to review the design after advice from others.


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