Wednesday 23 October 2019

The last few weeks have seen much preparation to move things forward . Now our preparation is paying off.
 Some works have failed to progress due to lack of workers , but Ron ,Wally and Wednesday Phil continue in spite of this.
Ron has now fitted the stern bearing which the propeller shaft is threaded through.
Ron was proud of this achievement as on this special day Ron wore his MICKEY MOUSE CLUB hat .Still young at heart !

The inner bearing is now in place and the bracket to hold the drive pump  has had to be modified .Wally cut 3 cms of metal off the bracket and re welded the base for a perfect fit.
Both gents are now ready for final fit next week.

 Wednesday Phil has begun fitting all his pre fabricated sections that he has made.
The lee boards that stop you falling out of a bunk when the boat leans over ,are now fitted 

 The port (left) storage lockers are now being fitted after a long wait for painting,

The final fit is halted as we await the return of  the  galvanised chain plates from Liverpool !

Wednesday Phil and Wally have made and fitted the final sections of the second rubbing stake which protects the hull from damage when the boat is along side a wall etc.

 Wally asked why the boat had a second rubbing strake. Phil told him off for asking hard to answer questions.
As with all good management practice, Phil took the photos while Wally did the work.

Today we found a problem with this bowsprit holder.(don't know its proper name ).
The hinge which locks the ring in place became welded when it was galvanised.When it was finally forced open, the hinge bent out of shape and is useless.

Wally is going to cut the hinge off and weld on a much stronger one he has designed.

Wally's work load increases and he's still grinning and stating his favourite saying..." I'm appy with at !"


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